Mergers and Acquisitions

Achieve Synergy & Scale With A Systematic And Repeatable Approach To Inorganic Growth

M&A as an integral part of your global growth strategy, plan for opportunities long before they arise, and build a repeatable acquisition model


Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions provide a business with the opportunity to grow to boost its capabilities and deliver better, lasting results for its stakeholders. To get the most of these deals, it is imperative to handle such deals with great care and expertise through proper deal advisory.

At MARC, we can provide your company with the expertise to cut risks and enhance the execution of a deal.

MARC adopts a structured approach to mitigate risks and enhance deal execution to help your company achieve greater efficiency and scale. Be it the buyer or the seller side of the transaction, we ensure a thorough evaluation of all aspects from both sides. Through our deal advisory services, you can get advice on anything related to the sale and purchase of a companies’ shares or assets.

Our holistic approach to Deal Advisory starts from a thorough understanding of ground realities. This stems from our experience and business connections, which improves the probability of a deal’s execution and success. We handle all stages of the process. We also ensure post-transaction hand-holding until you are ready for the final handover.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships can help soften the blow of various barriers to entry in a new market

We help foster partnerships with reliable, experienced, and established entities, for medium to long term plans, to enable firms to thrive and achieve their ultimate goal. The root for collaboration is typically a give and take of non-monetary values, including essential competences, or access to an expertise or easy reach and understanding of target audience with respect to the nature of business. This may be in the form of a distribution channel, production facility, technical know-how, specialized workforce and a host of other possibilities. Finding the right strategic partner can be the game changer, in terms of making a mark in the market.

MARC helps identify gaps and find areas in which synergies and strategic partnerships can be formed when entering or acquiring a new market.

Our goal is the success of your business and its continued growth – always!