Determining a Company’s Value by Analysing All Relevant Parameters

MARC carries out valuations for both buy-side and sell-side firms to ensure you get the best deal.



Valuation is necessary when a business plans merger or an acquisition or wishes to raise funds to expand core capabilities. Accordingly, the owner/parties can take optimal decisions for the business. At MARC, our team takes a holistic view of your entire business operations to understand the intricacies of anything and everything that adds to its value. We base our valuation methods on our industry knowledge that has been acquired through our experience across various sectors.

Value Measurements We Provide:

Valuation of all or part of a business.
Projected valuation of the business for mergers, acquisitions, alliances, etc.
Restructuring valuations of all or part of a business.
Valuation to support asset-backed lending decisions.
Valuation to estimate the adequacy of consideration, e.g., “contribution-in-kind” paid or received, in connection with a specific transaction or event.
Estimation of value required under contracts in case of disputes between parties.

An accurate valuation demands a thorough analysis of the company’s financials, management, future potential along with various intangible factors. Hence, valuation must be carried out by experts, by following proper standards for valuation.

Benefits of Business Valuation

Valuation provides relevant information about the company, which is required to analyse the position of the business before negotiating a deal.
Valuation helps business owners to remain proactive and mitigate risks that would diminish the value of the business.
Valuation evaluates the performance of the business, to initiate strategic plans and promote accountability.
Valuation assists business owners in conducting a SWOT analysis to arrive at a more accurate market price, regarding any purchase or sale.
Valuation helps businesses in making informed decisions on managing financial resources, assessing revenue streams, refining the business model and planning for future investments.
Valuation is a critical input on how to determine the return and how to utilize their earnings effectively.

Case Study

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An innovative 2-wheeler EV manufacturing start-up based in South India was looking to raise funds to set up a new manufacturing unit to increase their production capacity.

What MARC did:

MARC prepared a financial model & valuation along with a Pitch-deck/Information Memorandum which was presented to potential investors to assist raise funds.


The client was able to raise funds and start its new manufacturing units in South India, which helped increase its production capacity by 100%.

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