Due Diligence

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Due diligence requires investigation, audit, and review of financial and other critical records.


Due Diligence

For a transaction to be successful, be it a joint venture, merger or an acquisition, it is imperative that it goes through a comprehensive Due Diligence process. Due diligence requires investigation, audit, and review of financial and other critical records. This is necessary to confirm the facts of a matter under consideration.

Scope of due diligence depends on the size & scale of a transaction

The appropriate value of the transaction or probability of major issues or potential issues is thus identified. Due diligence cannot be conducted using available public information. The scope of due diligence depends on the size and scale of a transaction and the risks that surround it.

Due diligence is a financial and operational health check conducted in any transaction such as a merger or an acquisition. M&A requires a significant amount of due diligence by the buyer. Before committing to the transaction, the buyer must know what they are buying, the obligations to be assumed, the nature and extent of the seller’s contingent liabilities, problematic contracts, litigation risks, intellectual property issues, and much more.

In terms of private company acquisitions, the need for due diligence is high due to the company not being under the scrutiny of the public market.

Due Diligence Is A Must In Scenarios Where:

A company wishes to expand their current portfolio of products and services through the acquisition of new ones.
A company wishes to buy another company to gain access to its existing products in new markets, or to increase their customer base.
A company wishes to expand their company’s market by purchasing a company providing similar products or services in another country.

Steps taken into consideration

A thorough due diligence can be a long and complicated endeavour. It involves scrutinizing several aspects of the prospective business which needs to be conducted meticulously and carefully. This involves the following

Review and audit financial statements.
Prepare projections for future performance.
Analyse the consumer market.
Seek to eliminate operating redundancies.
Review potential or ongoing litigation.
Review antitrust considerations.
Evaluating subcontractor and other third-party relationships.
To identify and quantify:
Hidden outflows.
Outflows committed over a long period that may affect the future profitability or operations of the business.
Industry-specific risks and opportunities.
Tax exposures.
Those Liabilities that can be deal-breakers.

Assisting with conducting a thorough due diligence on a company looking for an M&A in the form of fund raise, merger etc over the next few years. In short preparing a company for an investment. This is called ‘Sell side Due Diligence’ or ‘Agreed Upon Procedures’.

valuable insights

We conduct due diligence with the aim to deliver valuable insights and business analysis

We conduct due diligence with the aim to deliver valuable insights and business analysis for our clients. These insights become an integral component in the decision making and negotiation process.

Our due diligence service can benefit a prospective buyer of a business. At MARC, we join forces with you to conduct a thorough study of the target company.

MARC has vast experience in conducting due diligence on entities operating in various sectors. We deploy our experienced professionals to study the costs, benefits, structures, assets, and liabilities.

Case Study

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Due Diligence - Case Study

Project Optical

We understand that Client is considering acquiring ABC LLC “referred as the Target”. Company Overview:

The Target was incorporated on January 20, XXXX.
The target is engaged in ophthalmology consultations and sale of Lens & Frames in the clinic.
The Due Diligence was carried out for period ended FY18, FY19, FY20 & YTD21. the target had a team of 15 employees.

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