expansion of economic activity Across national borders

If you thought Internationalisation was only the act of exporting, that’s akin to saying Marketing and Sales are the same thing.



Internationalization is considered as the expansion of economic activity of the firm across the country’s national borders. It not only encompasses the act of exporting but includes the design and development of products and services that can be adopted in other countries. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you on your journey to discover new and potential markets across the globe.

Internationalization plays a vital role in achieving a strong presence

In exportation exchanges are made transactionally. However, there are no long-term guarantees. Generally, there is also a risk of it coming to an abrupt halt. In contrast, by internationalization, one employs a long-term strategy concerning a new market and it covers a wide range of activities that help it be successful.

Internationalization plays a vital role in achieving a strong presence in today’s increasingly globalized economy. Internationalization plays a crucial role in the growth and expansion of most businesses.

Instead of just assisting customers locally, why not cater to a wider network of customers globally, at MARC we help our clients to understand the opportunities of expanding their businesses on a global scale by providing our predominant analytical reports that not only involve market research but also a detailed analysis about any product or service and how fit is it to be placed internationally.

SMEs are more accessible to Internationalization

SMEs are more accessible to Internationalization due to the development of technology. The use of technology like Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Remote Working has helped the SMEs in expansion and Internationalization, thus allows more integrated supply chains and speedy contact with contractors, suppliers and Partners. It is estimated that post covid, 43% of SMEs have been using various technology platforms to sell and promote themselves.

Exports of Indian SME includes manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, packaging, ICT, IT, Food Processing, Engineering, Textiles, Garments, Plastics, Furniture, Foundry, Capital goods and allied sectors.

ready to dive in

Assume your company is ready to dive into the international arena. It’s prudent to begin by taking stock of your current standing and planning the activity before venturing there.

We begin by asking 3 questions:

Where am I today?
Where do I want to go from here?
How will I get there?

These questions look simple, but without answering them one cannot assess the options available to explore its full potential.

SME’s and entrepreneurs should consider Internationalization for many reasons. Increasing sales, process efficiency, reducing labour or supply costs, diversifying operations, boosting production, increasing proximity to clients and stable expansion through Joint ventures.

Internationalization Services

Market Research

We conduct Market Research studies focused on the geographic and demographic target market.

Market Entry-Financial Modelling

We help you evaluate the right market entry model –eg. Exports, distributor, JV etc.


We help you find and decide terms of partnership with the right partners.

Case Study

We’re ready to answer your questions and take your brand to the next level.


An end-to-end solutions provider for precision metal and assemblies based in India was looking to expand its offerings to the European, South American, and African markets. The client was also looking to expand its product offerings using its existing manufacturing capabilities.

What MARC did:

We worked with our international associates to conduct a market study to identify various geographical pockets where demand was high and major consumers of sheet metal and related products existed. We also identified key consumers needs in order to highlight need gaps in the industry and assess how the client could fill these gaps. We suggested the ideal business model to enter into those selected geographies.


Through our study we worked out an internationalization road map to assist the client in their expansion plans. MARC organised a travel of the client to selected location and with the assistance of our partners organised meetings with potential customer and JV partners. The client is in talks with a few for potential business opportunity.

Our team of experienced professionals can assist you on your journey to discovering new and potential markets across the globe.