Valuation Consulting

Ensuring Accurate and Holistic Business Valuation Methods

MARC aids you through every step of a negotiation deriving the true worth of a company.


Valuation Consulting

Valuation Consulting is conducted by our team of experts who provide data-backed evaluations to derive the true worth or actual value of the company. We assist all kinds of organizations i.e., start-ups, mid-sized, and larger companies through every step of the process.

Our value propositions

MARC provides valuation consulting by understanding the areas of focus and helps in maximizing business value by ensuring that a fair deal is negotiated among all parties involved.

Our assistance involves:

Sale of business: Advisory and consultation on every step of selling a business, this includes assessing the company to bring out and highlight every aspect to potential investors, making future projections to showcase potential, creation of an investment memorandum, considering tangible and non-tangible factors to come to a true valuation, and deal advisory to ensure fair negotiations.
Financing for Expansion or Cash Flow Problems: In cases where a business is unable to finance itself for expansion or maintain operating cash flow levels, MARC provides assistance with bringing onboard the right investor that can not only provide financial assistance, but also provide strategic advisory support.
Add Shareholders: A business might opt for a share holding route to bring in funds when looking for an investor, in these cases, coming to an accurate figure for valuing the company and making sure all parties are happy is crucial as it sets the base for fruitful association with the investor.

Case Study

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Valuation Consulting - Case Study

Business Valuation

Discounted Cash Flow is one of the method employed to determine percentage equity holding in the company offered to prospective investors.
The above case study shows the company valuation prepared based on financial projection for next five year. The Target Company is looking increase their production capacity with an aim to establish a pan India presence.

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