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Market Research Solutions & Data Analytics

As a matter of fact, almost all business decisions involve and affect huge sums of money either directly or indirectly, and it is crucial to know and work in the right direction so as to sustain and develop a healthy business.

Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research Solutions

Thorough market research can provide businesses with a simplified yet analytical synopsis of the market that can be further customized based on the domain and nature of the business. Furthermore, it also helps the management in taking initiatives that not only yield profits but also maximize them. With the help of our analysis, we can assess revenues, make projections, and analyse costs and profitability, which will lead to the development of a financial model. At MARC, we make use of financial models as a tool to enable businesses to maximize profits by mitigating risks and reducing losses. Top performing companies spend around 5-20% of their annual revenue on market research.

Our research and analytics team at MARC generates customized reports compiled from data that is both accurate and relevant. Through our in-depth analysis of data, we present viable options to the management, resulting in more informed and better decision-making.

our approach

We approach our research with a view to establishing a sustainable and successful business environment as a commonplace, hence our motto “delivering excellence, partnering success.

Importance of having a B2B Market Research

The fundamental differences between B2B and B2C transactions are that the B2B decision makers are fewer, harder to reach and considered to be more rational. Successful presence and engagements in B2B markets require an over toned understanding of business environments. Effective research in this segment includes a very detailed report on competitor analysis, consumer analysis, product feasibility studies, and a thorough knowledge of distribution channels.

Our experts obtain sufficient information that is required to make a mark in the B2B market and work with clients till their business objectives are met. The research methods we use are tailor made to suit the requirements of our clients. We analyse complex business environments and deliver insights that empower the client to make decisions backed by solid market research.


Quant and Qual Research Data

Collecting accurate and relevant data is a prerequisite in order to provide reliable insights. Numbers are our most valuable tool to forecast trends. But the factors affecting the business environment are dynamic in nature, and answers to a lot of questions go beyond a simple yes/no.
In order to give our clients a well-rounded view of their market, MARC provides Quant and Qual research services that enable them to make more sustainable, inclusive, and holistic decisions.

For Quantitative Research, we use segmentation, forecasting, and demand planning techniques, to bring broad, actionable insights, that help firms solve complex problems, in a simple way. Our Qualitative research services enable clients to understand their customers, connect with them deeply, and fill the gaps in between if any. We also go the extra mile and get nuanced insights of key opinion leaders, whose expertise in specialized subjects help to further propel growth.

We will help create an understanding of broad quantitative scenarios and recognize the key qualitative drivers that influence them.


Market and Competitive Intelligence

Formulating accurate competitive insights in one go and having a brisk process in doing so, can be critical for a business and its growth. Our experience that has been predominant over the last decade with market intelligence, enables us to provide insights that will make a subtle yet an impactful difference in business.

We have experience in conducting primary market research, as well as quant and qual data analysis, that can help us generate the perfect strategy that enables you to outshine your competitors. Our competencies include competitor profiling, industry analysis, market Sizing and segmentation and strategic partner selection.

We take pride in being one of the premier market research companies in India and our competency lies in generating the perfect strategy based on our market research and analysis of data.

Case Study

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Market research solutions & data analytics

A staff augmentation company based in Colombia wanted to expand their reach in the US. The company focuses on partnering its clients in their initiatives to adopt digital solutions, providing unified customer experiences, and automating and robotizing their processes. They have partnered with companies like Salesforce, Dell Boomi & Bizagi to provide these services.

What MARC did:

We set out to understand staff augmentation industry, various technologies used, key industries to target, and partners to work with. We carried out detailed research on market size of big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Based on this we provided insights about its competitors in the US in terms of the services they offer to different sectors and its geographical pockets i.e., sectors and companies across the US that could use the services that were provided by the client along with its locations. This would further help them to target and reach their potential clients. We highlighted key opportunities that could benefit our client in expanding their services.


Through the study, the client was able to identify various geographical pockets, key industries and customer prospects to target with their offering.

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