Feasibility Studies

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Feasibility Studies

The dynamic nature of the market provides various opportunities and potential risks. A business needs to gather data on current conditions and test future growth and market acceptance before it moves ahead with a new venture.

We have the experience and expertise to provide the data and analysis necessary for meeting your objectives

Conducting a project feasibility study can help to assess whether a business venture will be a success or a failure.

Effective feasibility studies require attention to detail and critical insight. MARC provides feasibility studies to decision-makers by evaluating all relevant feasibility parameters. We provide you with 360-degree research services that cover the global, national, as well as the local markets.

Our value propositions

Our offerings cover businesses of all sizes. You may be a start-up or a well-aged conglomerate that wants a deeper look into your business viability.

Some of the key value propositions and solutions we provided during our engagement are as follows:

Market Feasibility – Where we analyse the target market by evaluating the competitors, estimated sales, market constraints, and market potential.
Technical Feasibility – Where we analyse technical factors such as labour laws, legal compliance, and relevant regulations.
Capital requirements, and potential financial returns for the project.

We provide unbiased feasibility studies that will form a solid basis for your decision-making process. We can make your ideas happen!

Case Study

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Feasibility Study

An accomplished group wanted to launch a world class educational institution in Pune, India. We were tasked with conducting a location-based feasibility study of setting up a K12 residential school.

What MARC did:

We set out on assessing different parameters including:

Common size and Variance
Analyzing key cost centers
Comparison of budget and actuals
Vertical/Segment Wise Analysis

Through primary and secondary market research, we evaluated the feasibility of the residential school at that micro location. We also understood factors affecting the choice of a residential school from the parent, student, & staff perspective. We interviewed several distinguished individuals who were current or former stakeholders of schools.


Based on our study we provided a comprehensive way forward to the client including a roadmap on execution of the project. The project is underway.

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