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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are important aspects of corporate strategy, finance, and management. M&A assists companies to grow rapidly through inorganic growth.

Strategic partnerships and an expanded range of capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the opportunities and competitive advantages M&A’s can bring in.

M&A plays an increasingly important role in corporate strategies. Companies need to develop effective strategies that would help in bringing in more shareholders and increase the productivity of the workforce. With M&A volumes rising during periods of economic growth and favorable market environment, it is essential that companies can transform and grow, and build a new foundation for their future success.

Benefits of Mergers and Acquisitions:

To realize economic gains and economies of scale for businesses.
To reduce the production costs for various products.
To greater financial strength to all the involved parties.
To acquire the best available talent.
To gain access to the other company’s resources.
Diversification of risk.
Access to larger markets.
Access to improved facilities.

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Case Study

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Mergers and Acquisition

We were tasked with conducting a quality of earnings and cash proof analyses review for an ophthalmology chain to acquire an ophthalmologist clinic.

What MARC did:

We analysed the revenue (Seasonal/Monthly trends, top product/service and more) and costs incurred by the clinic. Basis on the analysis, Adjusted EBITDA (Quality of earnings) was calculated. We also conducted a cash proof analyses and identified and questioned vaiances. Some key deal issues identified were:

Additional employee cost as it was an owner driven business - the owner had not been taking any salary for more than 8 months which consisted nearly 4% of the total revenue.
Majority of their fixed assets useful life was exhausted, of which 80% were major equipment used in an ophthalmologist clinic which meant this equipment needed to be replaced or repaired.

Through primary and secondary market research, we evaluated the feasibility of the residential school at that micro location. We also understood factors affecting the choice of a residential school from the parent, student, & staff perspective. We interviewed several distinguished individuals who were current or former stakeholders of schools.


Based on our study we provided a comprehensive way forward to the client including a roadmap on execution of the project. The project is underway.

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