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Financial Modelling

A financial model is nothing but a tool that is built to forecast and showcase a business’ financial performance. The forecast is based on the company’s historical performance, assumptions about the future, and requires construction of an abstract representation of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and supporting schedules. The need to forecast arises whether a business owner decides to raise finance, buy or sell a business, assess strategic options, or plan for the future.

The use of financial models extends to the estimation of valuation of a business or for comparison of businesses to their peers in the industry.

We believe in conducting substantial studies and making projections for informed decision-making. We try to achieve this feat with the help of financial modelling and project reports

Our financial modelling service can cover:

Budgeting and management forecasting.
Cash and Working Capital Management.
Assessing corporate deals.
Strategic options analysis.
Strategic planning and forecasting.
Improving positioning with finance providers.
Supporting creditors and bank negotiations.

efficient financial models

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After the preparation of the financial model, we proceed with the project report that summarizes the details on the overall picture of the proposed business and ascertains the projections of the proposed plan. It includes key highlights, takeaways, and an overview of the budget while identifying risks or issues that may have emerged.

At MARC, we provide an opportunity to get the most realistic picture and make the best possible decision through efficient and quality deliverables.

Project Report

A project report provides essential information about a particular business, it offers a variety of data and numbers about the company's true worth or value in terms of financial performance, business model, core competencies, competitors and market share, future growth plans. This information becomes invaluable and forms a basis for a valuation.

A project report is needed for:

Reviewing an investment proposal
Approval of project
Tracking activities and plans of the approved project
Having full insights into the project
Identification of risks
Availing financial assistance
Understanding the profitability and soundness of the business
Investor proposals

Case Study

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Financial Modelling & Project Report

The client a prominent name in the catering business wanted to get into QSR format outlets. They had recognised 3 locations and wanted to assess the feasibility of the same.

What MARC did:

MARC evaluated the initial cost of investment to set up outlets at those locations. We took inputs from the client as well conducted independent research to derive these numbers. Based on market research and competitor analyses we worked out the potential sales as well as the cost to operate in those locations. We created a financial model along with project report that clearly indicated revenues, costs, profitability, initial investment, working capital needs, returns on investment and pay back period.


The client successfully operates 3 QSR format restaurants and uses the financial model to benchmark against.

Our experienced professionals are in the best position to forecast and value your business.