India is a diverse country with a population of 135.4 crore where more than 157 million Indians live without adequate sanitation and 41% of these reside in urban areas. Open defecation is an acute problem in the country. There have been many development efforts to address this growing and precarious issue, but most toilet schemes fail due to administrative apathy, lack of maintenance, insufficient water, unsanitary habits, and a lack of focus beyond infrastructure. Open defecation in India declined from around 60 percent in 2001 to the estimated 50 percent in 2015. At present around 85.58 % of the population have access to household toilets in India as compared to 38.70 % in 2014. Since the start of Swachh Bharat Mission In 2014, 7.47 crore household toilets have been constructed until now. Out of the 29 states in India, 12 states still lack basic toilet facilities to be Open Defecation Free.