The hospitality industry in India currently contributes 7.5 % to the national GDP. According to a report by KPMG, the industry is poised to grow by 16.1%, to reach an estimated value of Rs: 2796.9 crores by 2022. It is also one of the most competitive industries that has a lot of variables that impact the business, be it location, price point, weather, government policies, taxes etc.

With it’s local expertise in the Goan Hospitality sector, MARC has been at the forefront in one of the largest & diverse Hospitality markets of India. This expertise has lead to a national footprint, wherein we have undertaken projects since inception  to completion. MARC’s Research & Analysis has helped clients identify regions, by undertaking surveys to understand the region’s tourist profile, spending patterns, type of hotel clusters etc.

We also devise strategies that implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Profitability Analysis, Costing, Developing Sales & Marketing strategies, as well as Management Information Systems (MIS), which improve the functioning of an organization and increase revenues. This is done by analyzing each department, and it’s functions to suggest changes and improve operational efficiency.