The Consumer Products industry consists of Durable (electronic items, cars etc.) and Non-Durable Products (F&B, Over The Counter Healthcare products, personal toiletries, household cleaning products etc.).

In India FMCG or fast moving consumer goods, is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy, with just FY18 posting a 13.5% growth in the industry. Though it consists of healthcare and the F&B sectors too, its main component is the personal care sector, which is the largest amongst it and accounts for 50% of the total FMCG industry.

The sector is worth some USD 52.75 billions in 2017-18, and poised to grow just in the rural markets alone by USD 100 billion by 2025. With India’s large Urban & Rural populations, a growing purchasing power, rising influence of social media, and government reforms like GST, this has further fuelled growth.

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